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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Flexible, vertical cycle series parking system covers small area, flexible, and can be set up independently, also can be attached into building, also can be more than one combination,small vertical cycle series parking equipment can be Installed in the living area, beside the building, save the land space.
  • Rapidly, parking car and taking car out in short time.
  • Economically,build vertical type parking system can save the considerable cost of purchasing land, conductive to the rational planning and optimize the design,improve the comprehensive economic benefit.
  • Save electric power, vertical circulating mechanical parking system typically does not require forced ventilation, no large-area lighting, power consumption only 35% of the common underground parking garage.
  • Can be built-in turntable in the system.

Product Details

Smart Ferris Wheel Rotary Parking System Car for SUV And Sedan Cars


Vertical cycle series cubic parking garage which is a mechanical vehicle parking equipment that adopt parking system doing vertical cycle movement equipment.

 Which working principle is the motor drive the transmission mechanism through gear.In the traction chain,install a parking car frame each certain distance,when the motor starts,the car parking frame doing cycle movement along with the chain.which achieve car parking purpose.

Advantage of vertical rotary parking system

1 Flexible, vertical cycle series parking system covers small area, flexible, and can be set up independently, 

also can be attached into building, also can be more than one combination,small vertical cycle series parking equipment can be Installed in the living area, beside the building, save the land space.
2) Rapidly, parking car and  taking car out in short time.

3)Economically,build vertical type parking system can save the considerable cost of purchasing land, conductive to the rational planning and optimize the design,improve the comprehensive economic benefit.
4) Save electric power, vertical circulating mechanical parking system typically does not require forced ventilation, no large-area lighting, power consumption only 35% of the common underground parking garage. 

How it works:

Each space in the operation box has a corresponding button and an indicator light. To take a parking car, just press the corresponding parking button, the device will automatically selects a direction with the shortest route to run. After getting in position the car will automatically stop. The indicator lights of selected parking space lightens , the car automatically shuts down after arriving at getting-off plate. The driver enter the garage, drive the car out, carrying out the next instruction operation.

Features :

PCX8D Parking System using light steel structure, computer control system, has the advantages of space saving, large capacity, stable mechanical performance, convenient installation and operation, strong adaptability, safely parking, anti-theft, convenient dismounting and moving, smooth operation, reliable, long life and many other advantages. It also has low noise, low energy consumption, low price, high yield characteristics, which is the preferred parking equipment of enterprises and institutions, hospitals, communities, apartments. 


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